Corporate Wellness

Andrea’s Higher Ground Workshops are interactive, engaging and fun. Workshop themes include Life Success Strategies, Higher Performance at Work, Stress Reduction, More Energy, Healthy Eating, Making Exercise Fun and more. Andrea inspires participants to
make changes to improve their health, change their mindset and set goals to
get results.

Benefits of Corporate Workshops

For Employer:

  • Less Absenteeism
  • Reduced Health Care Costs
  • More Productivity
  • Energized and Engaged Employees
  • More Positive Work Environment
  • Less Stress and Burnout in the Office
  • More Team Cohesiveness

For Employee:

  • More Productivity and Focus at Work
  • Eating Healthier, Weight Loss and Consistent Exercise
  • Renewed Workplace Energy
  • Better Work/Life Balance
  • Improved Communication at Work
  • New Tools to Reduce Stress in Office
  • Shared Group Goals

Higher Ground’s customized workshops take a preventative approach to Employee Wellness.  These one-hour workshops usually last 6-12 weeks and inspire employees to be more focused at work, while providing the energy to achieve both personal and professional goals. Interactive in nature, workshops are designed with an emphasis on participation, goal setting and accountability.

A Healthier Workforce is Less Costly

Employee Wellness Programs are a win-win.  Corporate culture that promotes prevention and healthier lifestyle choices pays off.  See articles below:

These workshops are motivational and inspire employees to make healthy changes for themselves and in their workplace. Here’s what some participants have said:

“Thanks again for coming in. We all found it to be helpful and inspiring…the majority of us even worked out last night and left work at a relatively good hour.”

“Thank you so much Andrea. Your talk was eye opening and inspirational. It was fantastic! We look forward to making some positive changes.”