Best Ab Exercises

“Abs may be built in the gym but they are defined in the kitchen.”

Everyone wants to know the most effective ab exercises to slim their waistline and have well defined abdominal muscles. Ab definition requires more than just crunches or sit-ups. You will only get there if you incorporate optimal nutrition (i.e.clean eating), high intensity strength training (brief, intense, to point of muscle failure) and cardio interval training. These are a must to burn off the extra fat so those firm abs show through!

There are many variations of effective ab exercises, and variety is the key to shaping the body. I love multi-joint, rotation, balance and body weight exercises to strengthen the core and engage all stabilizing muscles of the back and abs.

Here are my top five favorites:

Plank on Forearms

Pike/Reverse Crunch

Bicycle Twist & Hold

Crunch on Stability Ball

Captain’s Chair Knee Lift


  • What’s one thing you could do to add more intensity to your workouts?
  • What will it take to make scheduling your self-care/exercise a priority?
  • What could you add or take away to make your eating healthier?