Individual Coaching is typically conducted by Skype or telephone. Some choose to meet weekly, others two to three times a month. Progress is driven by your commitment as well as frequency of sessions. After completing an initial assessment, Andrea will help you establish your vision, strategies and goals.  Los Angeles/Ojai area residents can begin with an in-person appointment.  Andrea then becomes your partner with empathy, encouragement and accountability and champions you to Claim Your Best Self!

This is a life-changing experience! You will:

  • Receive ongoing support
  • Visualize your best self and explore what really matters to you
  • Connect with your strengths and values
  • Redesign environments and routines to achieve your goals
  • Examine your beliefs and find better ones that serve you
  • Understand your unique motivators and take steps toward the life you want

The best way to understand the power of Life & Wellness Coaching is to experience it.  Contact Andrea for a complimentary coaching session and experience feeling good about who you are and taking small action steps to change!