Hectic or Happy

Are you stressed out and experiencing how “crazy hectic” life is? Or….are you right here, right now, finding what’s right in the circumstances at hand, slowing down, feeling beyond yourself, present in every encounter and remembering the invisible pulse of the universe?

We have within us the power to experience peace and oneness, in this moment. To go from hectic to happy is a mindful choice, a habit you can practice that is only a deep breath away. When you become aware of your inner and outer dialogues, you can change them and improve your state of being. Rather than waiting for your external reality to seem more calm, quiet, “manageable” to “enjoy the now,” get into your body now by breathing deeply, using conscious language (I’m excited…” – “I love…”) and acting on what excites you, so you create a state of being you prefer.

Changing your belief system is the key to upgrading your life experience. You have to believe it (that life could be calm, easy, full of joy and abundant) before you experience it. So…you have to take the first step in upgrading your thinking before you see a change in your feeling and circumstances. You could say, “fake it ’till you make it.” I prefer to describe it as “practice,” because it’s new. Soon enough, with practice, it will become a habit.

Here’s the “How to:”

First, get in the present moment by minimizing your focus on the past or your “to-do’s.”  Train your mind to stay in the moment rather than regretting the past and worrying about the future.

Take a deep breath into your belly. Let the deep exhale come with the sound “aaaah.” Try that three more times.

Not quite relaxed yet? Go for three deeper breaths. or 10!

Take stock of this moment. This is it. You have all you need, right here, right now.

Say out loud or to yourself: “Thank you, thank you!”

If you are in the habit of describing this time of year as anything other than bliss, then consider changing your inner dialogue to create the experience you prefer. Since thoughts affect feelings, catch yourself each time you hear yourself describing your current circumstances or upcoming to-do’s/family gatherings/shopping/holiday cooking as “stressful” or less than exciting……and upgrade your thoughts to create the experience and state of being you’d prefer.

Instead of: “I have no time. I’m crazy busy. There’s so much to do. I’m crunched for time. I’m afraid about not having enough money.” Try on some of these “hectic to happy” upgrades:

  • I am excited about the choices I have today
  • I love that I have so many supportive friends and family
  • I love giving gifts to those I care about
  • I am excited to finish my project/shopping this week
  • I love how expansive time feels when I am in the moment
  • I am grateful for the abundance around me. All is well.
  • I am learning when I upgrade my thoughts and words, I feel more enthusiastic

Examine the unconscious beliefs you may have about what type of life you deserve. Perhaps you were handed down a set of belief systems that said, life is hard, a struggle, suffering is noble, or being hectic/busy makes you feel more worthy and significant. You can question what you were ‘given’ and change your beliefs to better serve your highest potential. What if you believed that life is supposed to be easy, joyful, challenging, fun, abundant, full of growth & deep emotions and exciting? What thoughts and external dialogue would you consistently be thinking and speaking?

Beliefs aren’t static. You can change them!

What experiences have you had in changing your thinking habits that improved your well-being? Please share below.