Radiant Women's Salons

Please Contact Andrea to apply to participate in these intimate salons where we explore embodying our sensuality & radiance, giving our feminine gifts and being a turned-on woman!

Be Bold and Stretch Yourself!

Consider joining us for a Radiant Women’s salon! We always have a good time, connect and practice new ways of embodying our feminine energy. Creating intimate circles with women, is a way to go deep, fast, much different than our daily interactions with friends. I love sharing what I’ve learned in the last several years and learning from other women too. These women’s circles are for you if:

  • you want to be encouraged to “go for it” and be more bold in the world
  • you’d love to learn more about feminine responsiveness; dark, light, nonverbal – inspiring our partner to navigate and lead more
  • you would love to be more embodied in your feminine side and soften your edges
  • you’d love to entice your partner into more satisfying connections
  • you would love to expand your “range” of energies you show your partner

Salons are limited to ten women. Each salon is $30. Contact Andrea to apply.

Remarkable Women Salons

Do you have a group of woman you’d like to elevate and support each other more positively? Consider organizing your own Remarkable Women Salon and gather 6-10 of your closest friends and I will facilitate your group with tools and exercises to create an ongoing support group that is purposeful and uplifting. For six or twelve weeks, Andrea will guide your group to celebrate each other, clear emotions and reach your desires.  Once your group has experienced what’s possible in standing for other woman, you will want to keep this format going forever!

Are you a woman who is committed to living a remarkable life? To making a difference in the world? To expanding into new territory, personally and professionally? Remarkable women are culture-changers. We are ready to break barriers and rock the world. We must stand for each other! Create a circle of like-minded, exceptional women to encourage each other to play a bigger game. You will use new tools and conscious language to expand into bold action and go higher. Create a circle, ignite your spark and take pleasure in living life fully!

Contact Andrea to discuss creating a six or twelve week Salon for your friends.

Below you’ll find the curriculum and tools we cover.  You can create a circle of magnetic women, who are like-minded, that act and choose big, and we will practice interactive exercises and assignments to thrive and feel alive!

Week 1:  A Case for Pleasure

  • New tools for celebration, clearing out emotions & conjuring desires

Week 2:  Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Establish a exquisite wellness foundation to fuel your renewal and purpose

Week 3:  Conscious Language

  • Mastering your mindset and choosing language that supports you

Week 4:  Time, Food and Money

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries for Success

Week 5:  Sensuality and Reclaiming the Feminine Arts

  • Igniting the senses, owning your beauty, flirting and sensual movement

Week 6:  Activism and Making a Difference

  • Taking other women higher

Testimonials from women who have attended previous Remarkable Women Salons:

- The Remarkable Women Salon is a safe, confidential and caring group to be in. A supportive place to make significant changes!

- I felt like it was treating myself at every meeting. Between the food, the topics/discussion and the sharing by our group. It was all a big, juicy treat. Andrea took us out there to the edge. It was great.

- Andrea is really, really talented. She brings out the good/best in people. She is a healer.

- The Remarkable Women Salon is about finding pleasure in life and in being who you are. When women forget who they are, we allow life to get full of conflict and give up a part of ourselves. These groups are about accepting who we are and enjoying our lives no matter what cards we are dealt.  It is also about validating ourselves and once you validate/love yourself you can validate others, engage others and make them feel good about themselves. It is about finding inner peace.

- Since the Salon, I am take more pleasure in life, in everything that I do. I feel more confident, comfortable with others and can better receive complements.

- Take the plunge into something new, bold and unknown. Treat yourself, and your friends. You all deserve it. You won’t regret it, it is time well spent. Although we are all very different, the most amazing thing is how common are our issues/concerns/fears/longings.